Pigs in Blankets Wreath
"Photo credit: Emily Marshall-Garrett (@jelloandcasseroles). Recipe courtesy Emily Marshall-Garrett

Pigs in Blankets Wreath

This recipe is a perennial with as many variants as there are different kinds of sausages and dough.


for the mac & cheese

for the garnish


Preheat the oven to 375ºF.

1. Separate the crescent rolls into individual triangles.
2. Chop your Hot Dogs. The secret to the curved crescent roll? Rather than rolling the dough around a straight hot dog, chop them in half if you like more hot dog sticking out, or cut out the center inch. Either way, you are going to roll the dough around two pieces.
3. Roll them up. Placing your hot dog pieces against one another, roll the triangles around them in a crescent roll shape. Once rolled, place them on a cookie sheet and give them a little curve. The hot dogs will separate unseen ever so much inside the pastry. 4. Bake as directed on the package. Remember that hot dogs are pre-cooked, and by the time your pigs in blankets are golden brown, your hot dogs will be warm and toasty too. 5. Garnish as below and serve immediately if possible. If you're bringing these to a party, you will want to warm them up a second time in the oven.

Garnishing and arranging the platter

1. Ring the pigs in blankets around the edge of the platter.
2. Decorate with florals. If you're using poinsettias or holly, simply place them in the center of the plate. To use a fake poinsettia, trim the plastic mount off the back, so it sits flat. You can also surround it with parsley, holly, whatever you have.


You can do this with puff pastry as well.